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Crisis management

Our highly qualified crisis advisors can support headquarter leadership teams in resolving complex crisis issues, or who can deploy within hours to disaster struck regions taking leadership, expertise, experience, money and supplies into highly challenged and volatile situations.

We can respond to a wide range of crisis situations, including earthquakes, floods, riots, murders, intimidation and death threats, severe weather events, fraud and corruption, investigations, kidnap and ransom, hostage taking, hostile media attention, and arrests and detentions.

Our advisors will be on your side to help take the right decisions by being the bridge between leadership and field operation teams. You will find the right support and the best advice.

Our experts are highly qualified in managing the most complex incidents, and have the professional skills to ensure crisis management responses are appropriate, nuanced and above all confidential.

Our team provides smart crisis management solutions through the prep-for-crisis package. It is a set of training sessions that combine leadership training and operational team knowledge in addition to preplanned responses that reduce the impact of incidents. Our team will help you have policies and standard operating procedures that your employees and leadership will follow automatically to have the best responses.