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Protect your business by planning

Create a business continuity plan for your organization and protect your business, people, facilities and reputation.

Our experts design and develop the policies, plans and protocols that formalizes, activates and documents the BCMS. Our team assists organizations with establishing the management structures and internal champions needed to own and implement business resiliency measures, as well as designing the awareness and competency programs needed to ensure the BCMS is capable of being implemented on an on-going basis – ranging from training and exercising that may be mandated by external regulatory bodies and standards, through to elective or just in time awareness and competency programs.

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ISO 22301 is the international standard setting out the requirements of a fully integrated and coherent organizational approach to the design, development, implementation and maintenance of business continuity measures (the Business Continuity Management System – BCMS). BCMS’ are designed to create fundamental resilience, and enable an organization to recover quickly and efficiently from a disruptive incident.

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GRSS puts in place a complete program to build your capacity in business resiliency for your facilities, programs or your business.

Our team will lead you through the whole process beginning from the risk assessment and gap analysis stage, to designing management structures, documents, processes, the identification, preparation and qualification.

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