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Risk advisory with a new methotology

To understand and assess the risks of your organization, our team creates  a holistic risk registry and associated solution strategies (treatment plans) to identify, avoid, mitigate or respond to dynamic, evolving and multi-faceted challenges at the strategic, operational and tactical level. 

Our team put all  the required expertise to help you identify potential risks. Under your guidance, risks are identified and classified. The assessment looks at the key threats which affect people, assets, operations, reputation and liability exposures.

Our team also provides consulting services for post incident assessments and investigations; providing reports on the findings, professional observations and remediation requirements and action points associated with critical incident or event. These are presented as verbal briefings to the leadership teams alongside a comprehensive written report, with associated evidence packages.

A risk assessment matrix is a project management tool that allows a single page – quick view of the probable risks evaluated in terms of the likelihood or probability of the risk and the severity of the consequences. This matrix is built in accordance with the risk assessment.

GRSS advisors can conduct facility risk reviews for residences and offices domestically or abroad, determining their suitability from a safety and security perspective, as well as any gaps and vulnerabilities which might expose people, operations and assets to risk. Our services include providing recommendations for practical improvements to operating practices, structures, technologies, materials and security personnel to meet the safety and security requirements reflective of the risk conditions..

The previous steps will allow effective management planning in terms of defining the required management structures, policies, plans and procedures, operating practices, regulatory considerations, training and exercising, support and resources, subcontracted services, facility selection and enhancements, and associated budgets.

Our team can also provide event advisory support, helping organizations plan for and conduct safe conferences, training or other events through a systematic and knowledge led approach. This assessment looks at venues, threats, resourcing, management team composition and planning, training, communications and other critical planning requirements – as well as how an incident would be managed if a threat materialized.

Our team can provide country predictive risk assessments identifying and evaluating known calendar events or emerging risks which might present a threat to organizations, whether associated with intentional hostile acts or resulting from natural hazards. A list of mitigating actions will be delivered and updated according to the identified dates.

GRSS can help you build your internal capacity in terms of risk resiliency. Our experts will train your staff in terms of safety and security at different levels and according to a training need analysis. The training varies from a leadership training to simple employee capacity building.

Our mission is to give you the right tools to become a resilient organization.