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GRSS is a consulting group that provides consultancy advice on risks at different levels from the strategic to the tactical. GRSS helps to create a risk register and build appropriate solution strategies in a process that permits the identification of potential risks and puts in place the policies and measures to avoid, mitigate or respond to the different challenges at the different levels.
GRSS can support any kind of organization or firm to understand and manage risk domestically or abroad. This might include NGOs, government groups, construction firms, hospitals and health care centers, manufacturing groups and hotels.

Plan for your resilience with us !

Lead in Business Continuity Management

Business disasters come in all shapes and sizes. Business owners should take steps now to give themselves a better chance to reopen quickly. Without a business continuity plan, one in four businesses forced to shut down because of a disaster never reopens.

GRSS is here to help you Identify the risks of your business, Identify Your business critical functions and then build a plan to mitigate those risks and preserve your business continuity and a fast recovery.

Qualified Staff

GRSS chooses its staff members among the best qualified experts from different background. The experience of our staff serving in the government services is reinforced by particular qualifications to meet the needs of our clients.

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Social responsibility

GRSS finds in its core mission the obligation to contribute to the safety and security of our children and the society in general. We are growing a solid basis for primary and high schools, universities, partners and clients in terms of capacity building.

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GRSS is created to meet the highest standards that satisfy our clients and among our team. Our work is in compliance with all the regulations and the principles of our clients, partners and subcontractors.

GRSS is the lead.

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Professional Approach

GRSS approach to complex problems is a multi disciplinary approach. We put in place all the required qualifications to analyse the problem and find the adequate solutions for a better satisfaction of our clients.

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